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MedTech UK

MedTech UK is a medical device distribution company bringing a tailored selection of quality single-use medical devices from global suppliers to NHS and private hospitals across the UK. 

Our single-use devices offer quality on par with traditional, reusable equipment while reducing pressures on sterilisation departments. With ever increasing pressures on patient waiting lists MedTech UK products will increase procedural efficiencies and patient throughput. 

As of August 2023, MedTech UK became a part of the HSL Group.

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Medtech-UK Medical Devices Team



The management team at MedTech UK bring with them more than 50 years of global medical device experience in a range of roles from general management, sales, marketing and customer service.

The MedTech UK portfolio of products is supported by a team of clinical support specialists who have extensive experience in both nursing and medical device sales.

Our customer service and logistics team are on hand to ensure efficient processing of customer queries and prompt delivery of product to hospitals across the UK.


with ISO9001:2015

MedTech UK is committed to the highest ethical standards and is certified to Quality Standard ISO9001:2015.

Patient safety is of paramount importance to our business so we adhere to the highest principles of distribution practice, including:

  • Full adherence to EU MDR and UKCA legislation
  • Bar-coded products for full traceability
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • Standard Operating Procedures for all processes & systems
Medtech-UK - Quality Medical Devices