Disposable Circumcision Anastomat

What is the ZSR Circular Circumcision Anastomat?

The ZSR circular stapler or circumcision anastomat is a device combining both circular surgical blade and stapler which has been specifically developed to cut the foreskin and apply a circular row of staples near the cutting line, replacing the need for conventional cutting and suturing.

ZSR is currently the only such device available in Ireland with a full-range of sizes for both adult and paediatric patients.  A sizing tool is provided for selection of correct size of device for the patient.

The ZSR Circular circumcision anastomat offers a number of benefits, not least increased procedural efficiencies and quicker patient recovery as outlined below.

With the ZSR device significant cost-savings, greater procedural efficiencies & higher patient throughput can be achieved due to the following:

    • Circumcision can be performed under local anaesthetic
    • Quicker procedure time (6-8 minutes vs 30-40 minutes with surgical technique)
    • No manual cutting or stitching required
    • Reduced operating resources i.e. less nursing support, no anaesthetist required and no recovery room time following general anaesthetic
    • Single-use device – no need for equipment to be cleaned or sterilised

Better for patients:

    • Quicker Recovery – no general anaesthetic
    • Aesthetic superiority – minimal scarring with an even incision line
    • Reduces risk of infection – no cutting or surgical stitching
    • No need to remove sutures/staples, the staples will spontaneously fall off within 10 days of procedure

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